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Zions Bank Routing Numbers

Routing Number for Zions Bank

The routing number for Zions Bank is 124000054.

Unlike many other banks, there is only one routing number at Zion Bank to keep track of. 

You can use the Zions Bank routing number for domestic wire transfers to and from your Zions bank account. 

Zions Bank Routing Number for ACH Transfers

The ACH (Automated Clearing House) is the electronic network used to process US financial transactions such as recurring bill payments and payroll.

To send an ACH transfer, you will need the ACH routing number, which remains 124000054 for Zions Bank.

Routing Number for Zions Bank International Transfers

A swift code is a unique identifier for a bank.

These codes exist to identify different banking institutions worldwide, and they typically consist of eight digits.

When receiving money internationally, you not only need your bank’s routing number, but you will also need Zions’s SWIFT code.

Zions Bank SWIFT Code: ZFNBUS55

Incoming Domestic & International Wire Transfers

If you are expecting an upcoming wire transfer, financial institutions always require certain information.

You will need to provide the information to the sender’s bank;

  • You complete name
  • Your account number
  • Your Banks routing number (124000054)
  • Your Banks SWIFT code (if it’s an international wire transfer) (ZFNBUS55)
  • Your Banks contact information (Zions Bank phone number: 888-307-3411)

If you prefer sending the information in a document, Zions Bank has a simple form you print and complete here

Can Banks Use Multiple Routing Numbers?

Yes, multiple banks like Citibank and Wells Fargo use various routing numbers. 

When customers have a bank account within a large institution, they might notice that the bank has multiple routing numbers.

The reason that larger institutions have multiple routing numbers is that so many banks have merged or changed hands over time. 

In these cases, the banks will generally use different routing numbers for specific states or regions.

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How To Find Zions Bank Routing Number on a Check?

Finding an account routing number on a check is pretty straightforward.

Just look at the bottom left side of the check; you will typically find your routing number, followed by your account number.

Zions Bank Routing Numbers

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Find Your Zions Bank Routing Numbers