About Me

Do you ever feel like life is not turning out as you planned?

Stuck in an endless loop of working long hours in a thankless job?

Rushing to prepare the same rotation of meals for your family after finally getting home? 

A life where vacations are only dreams that others get to live out!

It sounds like you are ready to make some changes for a bigger and brighter future.

Hello & Welcome to Blue World Dreams

I’m here to help you plan for your future and achieve the financial goals you have set in place.

Get to know a little about me

My name is Clara, a lover of delicious food and a true believer in people learning to be financially savvy.                                                       

In my spare time, I enjoy experimenting in the kitchen and expanding my culinary knowledge. The best part, taste testing everything!

For the last 13 years, I have been co-running our family’s business. 

Running a business has definitely helped shape my views on finances and how to best utilize the funds you have and invest where you can.

However, spending years working long days and weekends at the office, eventually takes a toll.

In March 2019, my life took a turn. My fur baby Moushy got diagnosed with stage 3 kidney disease and was given up to 6 months to live (he is thankfully still here today with myself and my husband David).

While this scary situation has thrown a lot on our plate it has also brought so much clarity to other areas in my life.

I am no longer willing to put off living my life until the next decade.  

So I decided to actively set in motion my plans of achieving my ultimate dream;

Moving to the country that brings such joy to my heart, Greece (or as I call it, Blue World). 

My love for Greece started about 15 years ago, at the top of my bucket list was the magical island of Santorini

When I was finally living out my dream a few years ago, I realized this was not a one-time love affair but somewhere I wanted to be and often.

Since having my epiphany, I have taken additional steps towards achieving my goal sooner rather than later. 

As I go through the motions of switching gears, I have started two online businesses and have been aggressively adding to my investment portfolio, which includes additional real estate.

Financial Freedom does take hard work but it’s achievable when you make a plan and then take calculated moves

How can I help?

1. Learn to optimize the resources you already have

2. Find ways to achieve the financial goals you have set (financial freedom, passive income, online income)

3. Uncover your inner dreams and make a plan to live them out

 Make yourself a priority

Everyone deserves to live their best life. Dreams are not just meant for others, we too can live the life we secretly envision for ourselves.

Let the journey begin today, here and now!

Blue World Dreams Author
Clara Bakhshi