Insta-Income: How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

Selling pictures of your feet on Instagram may sound unconventional, but it’s become a legitimate way for a lot of people to earn an extra income.

With eye-catching pictures and strategic marketing, this niche market is perfectly legal, provided your content stays within Instagram’s guidelines.

Instagram has transformed from an everyday sharing platform to an e-commerce hub, ideal for this unique form of digital content sales.

Since Instagram heavily caters to a demographic with disposable income, it can be a great marketplace to promote a foot photography business.

The key is understanding how to navigate this social media powerhouse effectively to monetize Instagram traffic and tap into its potential.

two women looking at feet pics on their phones

In this post, we will cover the following points;

  • How to get started on Instagram
  • Leveraging Instagram stories & direct messaging
  • Instagram hashtags for selling feet pics
  • Popular sub-niches and foot poses
  • Troubleshooting common Instagram challenges
  • Payment and privacy considerations
  • Removing EXIF data from your feet photos
  • How much money can you make selling feet pics

How To Sell Feet Pics On Instagram

If you’re new to the field, this step-by-step guide will help you learn how to sell photos of your feet online.

1. Sign Up for Your Instagram Business Account

If you plan to sell feet pics on Instagram, the first move is to establish a dedicated Instagram account.

This approach separates your business from your personal life, maintaining privacy and showcasing your content professionally.

To create any kind of Instagram profile, you must have a working email address.

You can now proceed to Instagram’s Instagram’s sign-up page.

Instagram sign up screen

Choose a username that reflects your business/niche, and that will be easy for potential buyers to remember.

Picking something catchy yet relevant will help buyers find you in searches.

Once your Instagram page is live, switch to a business profile.

The business profile grants you access to analytics and the ability to run ads in the future.

Your Instagram business profile also instills trust in buyers, signaling that you are approaching this venture seriously.

An effective Instagram bio description isn’t complete without a clear call to action. Guide potential customers to the next step – purchasing your feet pics.

Encourage customers to reach out via Direct Messaging; bridging the gap between interest and action.

  • Use blurry or watermarked photos of your feet on your Instagram profile to draw in customers without giving much away.

  • Use strategic foot-related hashtags (check what your competition is using); this will help boost your visibility to the right users.

  • Maintain an active Instagram presence; Instagrammers do best with at least one post per day

  • Send nice feet pics to clients after receiving your payments

Among the available social media channels, Instagram is the platform that truly thrives on aesthetics.

Only showcase high-quality images on Instagram since users utilize filters for practically everything, and styling is crucial.

If your budget allows, invest in a decent camera or work with a professional photographer to create a stunning collection of foot photos.

Leveraging Instagram Stories & Direct Messaging

Selling feet pics on Instagram isn’t just about posting content; it’s about actively engaging with your audience.

Instagram Stories and Direct Messaging are powerful tools for personal interaction and direct sales.

With Stories, you can share exclusive, time-bound content that creates a sense of urgency among your followers.

Show behind-the-scenes peeks or limited-time offers to make your audience feel special.

To leverage Direct Messaging, strike up conversations when followers show interest in your content.

Personalized direct messages can foster a trusting relationship that encourages transactions.

Keep in mind that privacy is vital – always conduct sales discreetly.

legs modelling an air pose

Instagram Hashtags For Selling Feet Pics

Using proper hashtags is an essential aspect of using Instagram, and the platform allows up to 30 hashtags per post.

But you don’t want your posts to appear spammy by adding that many hashtags, especially as a new account.

Instagram recommends between 3 to 5 hashtags, and you can also check out their additional hashtag tips in their December post.

We suggest experimenting with different combinations to see which hashtags work best.

Popular Instagram Hashtags For Foot Pics

#feet #foot #toes #softfeet #feetpics #pantyhose #nylon #tights #footfetishnation #feetlovers #instafeet #instaarch #instafeetlove #girlsfeet #bigfeet #feetlover #pantyhosefeet #selfeet

What Type Of Feet Pictures Are In Demand?

There are more than 30 categories to inspire you if you are still deciding on the style of foot pics you want to sell.

Popular feet pictures sub-niches:

  • Arched feet
  • Asian feet models
  • Boots
  • BBW
  • BDSM
  • Dirty feet
  • Dry feet
  • Dancers
  • Dominatrix style
  • Ebony feet
  • Flat feet
  • Fishnet stockings
  • Humiliation
  • High heels
  • Jewelry
  • Indian feet models
  • Lotion coated feet
  • Long toes
  • Mature feet
  • Measuring
  • Nail polished toes
  • Nylon covered feet
  • Pedicured feet
  • Platform heels
  • Pics including face
  • Rough feet
  • Sandals
  • Smelly shoes/feet
  • Sneakers
  • Socks
  • Stomping
  • Tattoos
  • Toe cleavage
  • Toenails
  • Wet feet
  • Short ASMR videos

Top Poses For Feet Pictures

As soon as you start selling photos of your feet, you should be ready for requests for special orders.

As content creators, it’s advisable to familiarize yourself with the different angles and poses that can be requested as exclusive content.

Top of the foot: This is a very popular, basic stance that shows off all of your toes with a focused top view of your feet.

top of feet surrounded by tulips

Styled with high heels: These photos may show your feet wholly or partially inside the shoes or the shoe hanging from the toes.

arched foot ready of heels to go on

Feet in the air: This is a well-liked foot pose where the model’s feet are elevated. You can take these feet pics while you lay on your back on the floor.

crossed feet in the air

Foot soles: A basic pose that emphasizes the soles of the feet. Take several images at different distances from your feet.

feet soles peaking through blankets

Troubleshooting Common Instagram Challenges

1. Account reports

Challenges like account reports or shadowbanning might occur as you start selling feet pics on Instagram.

These frustrating issues can disrupt your business flow and require immediate attention.

Review Instagram’s community guidelines to ensure compliance if you encounter account reports. 

Do not post photos that contain sexually explicit content, and if an image is removed, avoid reposting it.  

Instead, revise your content to align with the platform’s rules.

Contact Instagram’s support team for repetitive reports to resolve the misunderstanding and clarify your content’s intent.

2. Shadowbanning

On the other hand, shadowbanning is a situation where your content becomes partially or fully invisible on the platform, which can be tricky.

To address this, diversify your hashtag use to avoid overuse, which Instagram may perceive as spam.

Reevaluate your engagement tactics; automated or aggressive behaviors can trigger a shadowban.

If you suspect a shadowban, take a break from posting, then resume with fresh, guideline-adherent content.

Payment and Privacy Considerations

In this digital age, secure payment methods are paramount when selling feet pics on Instagram.

Discretion and privacy are equally critical to protect both yourself and your clients.

We recommend using reputable online payment platforms like PayPal or Venmo, which offer security and confidentiality.

Eligible sellers can also collect payments directly on Instagram through direct messaging, where buyers can use Meta (debit, credit card) or PayPal.

To enhance privacy, create a separate business account, ensuring your personal information remains undisclosed.

  • Communicating your sales terms with potential clients and collecting payment before sending any pictures is advisable.

  • The terms should specify the cost and what the buyer will receive after payment (style of feet pictures and quantity).

A written record, even as informal as Direct Messages, can prevent potential misunderstandings.

Overall, staying on top of payment and privacy considerations assures your business’s financial side runs smoothly and builds trust with your clientele. 

Remove EXIF Data From Your Feet Pics

Many people are unaware that when you take pictures (using their phone or camera), the images contain EXIF Data, which can include GPS coordinates.

Image metadata may reveal enough location and personal data that someone determined could use it to identify and pinpoint you.

But do not panic; luckily, you can tweak your settings to protect your information.

These steps allow you to disable the GPS feature and remove any remaining data before sending your images to clients. 

To disable the GPS option on your phone, follow these steps:

For iPhone users, go to

  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Location Services
  • Camera
  • In Allow Location Access, select Never.

For Android users, the steps will vary by phone; however, it should be easy to locate.

 A quick Google search for your specific phone can help.

For my Samsung A10, the process was pretty straightforward

  • Settings
  • Apps
  • Camera
  • Permissions
  • Location
  • Select Deny  from the listed options
phone camera location permission settings

If you wish to delete sensitive GPS location data or other personal details from photos you’ve already taken, you can remove this metadata through these steps.

For Windows,

  • Right-click on any picture and select the Properties.
  • Select the Details tab
  • At the bottom, select Remove Properties and Personal Information
  • In the new window, click the box Remove the following properties from this file
  • Press the Select All button
  • Press OK

The metadata in my photo, visible in the bottom right image, contained my full name, which is available for anyone accessing it to discover.

personal information visible in image properties screen

You can find more information on EXIF Data here.

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pictures?

If you try to list your feet pics, you’ll likely notice that the prices range between $5 to $100 a picture.

Start around the $5 to $10 range as a newbie and scale up from there.

Feet lovers may ask for a packaged deal on a bundle of Instagram feet pics or a custom order.

These lower prices may not seem like good money, but like any business, there’s a growth period.

How much money you can make really depends on the time and effort you put into making quality photos and marketing your products.

But it’s possible to make a lot of money; while this is an ambitious example, a Canadian woman makes $70,000 a year through Instagram selling feet pics.

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