Routing Numbers for Citibank: 2023 State List

Need to make an e-transfer, direct deposit, or wire transfer from your checking or savings account?

You’ll need to find the correct Citibank routing number to get started!

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Our comprehensive list below has all the routing numbers for Citibank you will need for your domestic and international banking needs.

Routing Numbers for Citibank

When trying to find your Citibank routing number, you should search based on the state in which you first opened your checking account.

The following routing numbers are valid for Direct Deposits, e-transfers, and incoming wire transfers.

State (or District) Routing Number
Northern California
(including Central California & San Francisco)
Southern California
(Including Los Angeles & San Diego)
Florida221172610 (see below*)
Maryland052002166 (see below*)
(Las Vegas Branches)
122401710 (see below*)
(Besides Las Vegas)
322271724 (see below*)
New Jersey021272655
New York021000089
New YorkFormer EAB customers 021001486
Virginia & Washington D.C.254070116

For incoming wire transfers, there are different Citi routing numbers for Florida, Nevada, and Maryland.

  • Florida: 067004764
  • Nevada: 322271724
  • Maryland: 254070116

Citibank Domestic Wire Transfers

You’ll require your routing and account number to send a domestic wire transfer.

You will also need the wire transfer recipients’ banking information to ensure the funds are deposited correctly into the proper account.

  1. The beneficiary’s full name and address
  2. The beneficiary’s bank name and address
  3.  The beneficiary’s account number and routing number

Citibank Swift Code For International Wire Transfer

For international wire transfers, you will need to use the following SWIFT code: CITIUS33.

A SWIFT code is also called a BIC code or Bank Identifier Code.

You would use the above SWIFT code to receive money into your Citibank account from a foreign bank. 

The same concept would apply if you need to send money internationally; the recipient must provide their bank’s SWIFT code.

To process the foreign transaction, you would need to request the following information from the recipient.

  1. Full name of the person set to receive the funds
  2. Name and address of the recipient’s bank
  3. Recipients bank account number
  4. SWIFT code and CHIPS UID number (Clearing House Interbank Payments System Universal Identifier).

If you need help locating the CHIPS UID number, you can do a quick search on the Clearinghouse’s website.

What is a Routing Number? 

Routing numbers, also known as ABA routing numbers (ABA RNT), ACH routing numbers, or routing transit numbers, are 9-digit numerical codes identifying financial institutions in the United States.

It’s essential to use the correct routing number to ensure that your money reaches the right financial institution.

Be sure to verify your own and the recipient’s information before initiating a wire transfer.

It’s best to contact your branch to go over the data, especially if it is your first wire transfer.

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How do I find my Citibank Routing Number?

Use Your Checkbook

Providing you have some checks on hand, referring to your checkbook is one of the easiest ways to locate your Citi bank routing number. 

Your routing number will always be available on your personal checks.

If you review the image below, the routing number is at the bottom left of the check; you will find your account number to the right.

The routing number will be 9 digits, while your account number can be anywhere between 7 to 16 numbers.

Routing Numbers for Citibank

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Citibank Customer Service Number

Citibank customer service: 1-800-374-9700

TTY: 1-877-693-0372 (TTY phone services for the speech or hearing impaired).

For service in Spanish 1-800-360-2484

Spanish TTY: 1-800-945-0258


The Federal Reserve’s website is always available if you need to locate your routing numbers for Citibank but can’t find a checkbook.

Canadian Citibank Routing Numbers

In Canada, routing numbers are made up of the following;

  • The 3-digit institution number identifies your bank.
  • The 5-digit transit number identifies your branch.

The routing number will include a 0 at the start (leading zero), so it will look like this;

0 + Institution number + Transit Number

Routing NumberProvinceAddress
026010080BC#300-2991 Lougheed highway
026010050BC4200 #3 Road Unit 120
026010020BC612 Main Street
026011102ON5900 Hurontario St
026011242ON 5900 Hurontario St
026010092ON 3300 Midland
Avenue Unit 33
026011002ON 123 Front St W – Ste 1900, 1 Toronto St – 10th Flr
026011182ON One Toronto Street Suite 1200
026000082ON 123 Front St W, Ste 1900
026000102ON 123 Front St W
026010072ON 123 Front St W, c/o 123 Front St W
026030002ON 123 Front St W
026010012ON 463 Dundas Street W
032820002ON123 Front St W – Suite 1100
032820012ON 123 Front St W – Suite 1100

Citibank wire routing number FAQ’s

Citibank routing numbers are all 9 digits. In fact, all routing numbers in the United States are nine digits long.

Yes, ABA is also known as a routing number; both represent the nine digits used to identify a bank.

021000089 is the Citibank New York routing number.

321171184 is the Citibank routing number for Northern California. Northern California includes San Francisco and Central California.

The Citibank routing number 254070116 is used by Washington DC, and the state of Virginia.

The state of Maryland also uses 254070116 for incoming wires.

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