Find Your Regions Bank Routing Number: State List

Do you need to make a wire transfer or set up a direct deposit with your new employer?

If so, you will need your Regions Bank routing number to get started.

Get all your Regions banking information in one spot!

Our quick guide will cover everything you need to know, from finding the correct Regions Bank routing number to the SWIFT code and more.

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Regions Bank routing numbers by State

Do you remember where you opened your Regions Bank account?

Regions Bank routing numbers vary by state.

When searching for your Regions routing numbers, your search should be based on the state in which you first opened your chequing account.

StateRegions Routing Number
North Carolina053012029
South Carolina053201814

Wire routing number for Regions Bank

Are you planning on sending a domestic wire transfer?

The Regions Bank routing number for domestic wire transfers is 062005690.

Regions routing number for ACH transfers

For ACH transfers to a Regions account, the Regions ACH routing number is 062005690.

1. Log in to your Regions online banking or mobile app.

2. Within the “Payments” menu, select “Payments Overview“.

3. Under “Business Service” (on the right), select “ACH Payments”.

4. First-time users will need to enroll prior to sending an ACH payment.

For easy-to-follow steps on enrolling and sending your first ACH payment, you can review this helpful YouTube guide.

Regions Bank SWIFT code for International wire transfers

For international wire transfers, the Regions Bank SWIFT code is UPNBUS44.

A SWIFT code is also known as Bank Identifier Code or BIC code.

Additional information is often required when sending or receiving an international wire transfer.

Regions may require specific details about the recipient and their bank;

  1. Recipient’s full name (as per their account information)
  2. The recipient’s bank name, bank address, and country
  3. The recipient’s bank routing code
  4. The recipient’s account number
  5. Their bank’s SWIFT code, IBAN, or National ID
  6. Reason for the transfer (example: family remittance, personal payments, export remittance, salary, etc.). 

Some countries may request additional information to process international wires.

What is a routing number? 

In the United States, financial institutions use an ABA nine-digit code to identify themselves.

This code is known as the routing number, routing transit number, or ABA routing number (ABA-RNT).

Does your Regions Bank routing number matter? Yes, routing numbers ensure that your funds transfer correctly.

With your Regions Bank routing number, you can do a variety of banking transactions, including;

  • Set up direct deposits
  • Make automatic payments
  • Wire transfers
  • ACH payments
  • Receive your pay
  • Collect your pension

If you plan on making a wire transfer, contact your bank beforehand to ensure you gather all the information you need and know all the steps ahead of time.

Since wire transfers tend to be irreversible, double-check all your account’s personal and banking details and that of the recipient.

How to find your Regions Bank routing number?

Can you remember in which State you opened your Regions bank account?

If you need to confirm which Regions Bank routing number is correct, here are some additional ways to track down routing numbers.

1. Use a check

The Regions routing number can be found at the bottom left of your checks, as seen in the example below.

The Regions routing numbers will be nine digits.

Your account number will be to its right (this number can be between 7 to 16 digits).

sample check with regions bank routing number

2. Contact Regions Bank

For general account information, you can use the following Regions Bank phone number: 1-800-734-4667.

For online banking support, dial 1-800-472-2265.

For international travel, you can call 1-205-940-4151 for help with your debit card.

For accessible banking, TTY/TDD connectivity is available at 1-800-374-5791.

3. Fedwire

Refer to the Federal Reserve’s website to find all bank routing numbers, including Regions Bank.

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