How Much Does ImmunoTek Pay For Plasma?

Are you thinking of donating plasma to ImmunoTek for some extra cash?

How much does ImmunoTek pay for plasma? Let’s find out.

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Plasma donation is a life-saving procedure that requires qualified donors.

While there are plasma donation centers across the United States, today, let’s focus on Immunotek.

If you are a new first donor, you can expect to receive between $100 to $150 for your initial plasma donation.

But let’s dig deeper into how much you can expect as a plasma donor in the long term.

And if you have other centers in your area, check out the highest paying plasma donation center near me.

What is plasma?

When looking at blood plasma, you can expect a clear, yellowish fluid that makes up about 55% of the blood’s volume.

It is a water-based solution containing proteins, lipids, minerals, and glucose.

Plasma serves many vital functions, including maintaining blood pressure and clotting.

Plasma also contains antibodies that help fight infection.

A technician must first collect a blood sample from a donor to extract the plasma.

Then they use a centrifuge machine to separate the plasma from your red blood cells.

How much does ImmunoTek pay for Plasma?

ImmunoTek typically pays first-time donors between $100 to $150 for their plasma donation.

Subsequent donations range between $45-$65.

The first donation of the week earning $45 and the second bringing in $65.

Reddit user confirming Immunotek plasma donation rates

Unfortunately, there is not much information online for ImmunoTek, nor has the company responded to inquiries.

If we look at this ImmunoTek donor I found on Reddit, we can see that they received $150 for their first two donations.

While the donor below received $100 for their first three donations, and then the rate dropped to $45-$65.

Reddit conversation on how much does Immunotek pay for plasma

The location of your ImmunoTek plasma collection center can impact plasma donation rates.

The time of the year can also play a role.

The best approach is to ask your local ImmunoTek plasma center for their current rates.

Does ImmunoTek pay donors in cash?

No, ImmunoTek Bio Centers do not offer direct cash payments to their plasma donors.

Donors are paid via a prepaid debit card which they can use to withdraw cash from an ATM or make purchases.

Donors can get their money faster and more effectively with this payment method.

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How much can you earn for donating plasma?

When it comes to donating plasma, a lot of people are curious about how much they can earn per month.

Many plasma donation centers offer a variety of incentives to keep donors coming back.

These can include bonuses, gift cards, or points to be redeemed at their company store or converted into gift cards.

The amount of money you can receive for donating plasma will vary depending on the collection center you select and their current offers.

While ImmunoTek Plasma’s base rates align with the market, they offer fewer incentives, giving other centers a competitive edge.

I only found one $5 promo code on their Facebook page from almost a year ago.

Your earning also depends on how often you are willing to donate plasma.

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FAQ for donating plasma

Who can donate plasma at ImmunoTek?

Before you can donate plasma at ImmunoTek Bio Centers, there are a some minimum requirements.

The specific requirements will vary depending on the donation center.

Here are ImmunoTek’s guidelines;

  • Donors must be between 18 to 65 years old
  • Weigh a minimum of 110 pounds
  • Provide details about their medical history
  • All donors must pass a medical exam
  • Pass a virus disease check (e.g., HIV, hepatitis, etc.)
  • Provide 3 pieces of documentation (proof of social security number, valid state-issued ID, and proof of permanent address)

How often can you donate plasma?

At ImmunoTek, individuals can donate plasma twice within seven days.

There needs to be a one day period in between plasma donations.

How long does donating plasma take?

You should expect to be at the center for approximately 2 hours for your first plasma donation.

This visit will include your physical examination, which will take longer.

Repeat visits are supposed to last about an hour.

However, based on online reviews, visits are running much longer than expected, which is something to consider.

Extra tips for donating plasma at ImmunoTek

Try the following recommendations for the best plasma donation experience and to limit any potential problems at your ImmunoTek clinic.


  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Drink plenty of water the day before your plasma donation
  • Drink a minimum of 12 to 24 ounces of water (or sports beverage) 30 to 60 minutes before your scheduled donation
  • Each a protein and iron-rich diet the day before and up until 3 hours before your plasma collection


  • Avoid using tobacco products
  • Limit your caffeine and dairy intake on the day of your donation
  • Avoid eating fatty foods the day of your donation
  • Do not drink any alcohol on the day before and the day of your plasma donation

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How much does ImmunoTek pay for plasma: final thoughts

Whether you’re a college student, between jobs, or need more money, donating plasma at ImmunoTek can be a convenient side hustle.

But check out your area’s different plasma donation centers for the highest compensation.

You can maximize your donations by rotating between centers based on the best promotions (rules apply).

And be sure to take advantage of any available promo coupons, referral bonuses, and points!

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How Much Does ImmunoTek Pay For Plasma?