What Is The Price of Nails In Salons (Full Guide)

Nails have come a long way in the past few years.

There are so many nail services available today, from basic manicures and acrylic nails to gel nails and various other designs.

However, with all of these options comes a higher price tag.

Do you want your nails done at a salon, or can you do them at home?

If you’re looking to save some money, be sure to check out the various prices of nails in our guide below.

Elaborate acrylic nails which increase the price of nails

What is the price of nails?

The price of nails varies depending on the salon and the type of nail service being provided.

In 2019, the average price of nails for a basic manicure was $22.75, $46.01 for acrylics, and $51.29 for gel nails

However, these are just averages, and many of the following elements can impact the final price of nails:

  • City of residence
  • Type of salon (budget/small, average salon, luxury hotels, high-end salon or spas)
  • Type of nails (simple manicure, acrylic sets, gel)
  • Extras: French tip, nail art, jewels, glitter, fancy shape, complex design

We can’t underestimate the additional costs of extras because they can quickly add up. 

  • The type of manicure affects the price; a French tip can easily cost an extra $5 to $10
  • Nail art prices vary between $1 to $5+ per nail 
  • Jewels typically cost $3 to $5 per nail

While not technically an add-on, we also need to account for a tip that generally amounts to 15% to 20% of your bill’s total.

As per the table below, the average price of nails can vary quite a bit from city to city.

United States (average)$25$35$50
New York $35$40$50
Los Angeles$30$35$45
Las Vegas$20$35$40

How much do manicures cost?

A standard manicure will usually cost between $20 to $25.

If you decide to enjoy a luxury spa day or get your nails done while staying at a hotel, the manicure cost will be more, from $25 to $45.

As we mentioned earlier, a French tip will generally include an additional fee of $5 to $10.

The price will also increase should you choose any additional services or add-ons.

Let’s review some average prices according to Cost Helper.

These salon prices are based on the type of nail salon you choose to visit.

Price of painted nails at budget or small private shops

Standard$10 to $15
Deluxe$20 to $25

Price of painted nails at the average nail salon

Standard$20 to $25
Deluxe$30 to $45

Price of painted nails at luxury hotels or spas

Standard$25 to $45
Deluxe$50 to $75

So, what exactly constitutes a manicure?

A standard manicure typically consists of:

  • A brief soaking of the nails
  • Filing, shaping, and buffing of the nails
  • Some salons may include some form of cuticle care
  • Application of the nail polish

While a standard manicure is great for your monthly manicures, indulging in deluxe manicure services can be a nice treat when the budget permits.

Deluxe manicures provide slightly different services; 

They are not only centered on achieving great nails but also on relaxation and the care of your hands and nails.

A deluxe manicure commonly consists of:

  • An exfoliating hand scrub to clear away dead skin
  • Longer nail soaks 
  • Evaluating the nails for any issues
  • Thorough nail and cuticle care
  • A hydrating hand and arm massage
  • A nourishing paraffin wax mask for your hands
  • Application of the nail polish
french manicure

How much do acrylic sets cost?

Acrylic nails are made from a mixture of acrylic powder and liquid.

Acrylic nails are formed over the natural nails and the nail tip extensions, which have already been glued on.

The acrylic powder can be applied as clear, or your technician can use a colored powder.

A longtime favorite is French acrylic nails.

You get an elegant light pink base with a delicate white tip.

The extra step of creating the French tip justifies the add-on cost this work entails.

Acrylic nails can start at $25 in privately owned shops and go up to $70 in luxury hotels.

If you want deluxe French tips, you can expect prices to range from $30 to $85, depending on your choice of nail salon.

Price of acrylic nails at budget or small private shops

Acrylic Nails
Standard$25 to $35
Pink & white combo$30 to $40

Price of acrylic nails at the average nail salon

Acrylic Nails
Standard$35 to $45
Pink & white combo$45 to $50

Price of acrylic nails at luxury hotels and spas

Acrylic Nails
Standard$50 to $70
Pink & white combo$75 to $85

Acrylic nails being put on

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Price of acrylic refills?

Unlike regular manicures and gel nails, acrylics offer the option of refills.

Acrylic refills typically cost $20 to $40, with the average refill costing $30.

Depending on the speed your nails grow, every 2-3 weeks, your nail technician would need to apply additional acrylic.

They will start by removing the old polish and address any minor nail-lifting issues.

The acrylic will be added to the space near your cuticle area.

You can opt for a new color for your fresh polish.

Many people can stick to refills for months without needing a new full set of acrylics.

The most common reason for replacement is the lifting of acrylic nails. 

How much do gel nails cost?

There are a few benefits to getting gel nails.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit is that they look natural and can last for weeks without chipping or peeling.

Gel nails are also a good option if you have weak nails, as the gel coating can protect your natural nails from peeling, splitting, or breaking.

Depending on your selections, a gel manicure will run anywhere between $35 to $80+

Small shops will typically charge $35 to $40, mid-range salons $45 to $55, and higher-end spas $60 to $80.

All extras you select will be added to these base nail prices.

Price of gel nails at budget or small private shops

Gel Nails
Standard gel$35 to $40
Standard gel + art/jewels$45 to $60

Price of gel nails at the average nail salon

Gel Nails
Standard gel$45 to $55
Standard gel + art/jewels$60 to $75

Price of gel nails at luxury hotels or spas

Gel Nails
Standard gel$60 to $80
Standard gel + art/jewels$85 to $100+

gel nails being cured under UV lamp

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While gel manicures are less damaging to your nails than acrylics, both can equally do some harm to your natural nails if improperly removed. 

 Gel nails require a UV or LED lamp; these lamps harden the polish to help prevent smudges or chipping.

This process is more commonly known as curing

While gel nails aren’t as harsh, you don’t have the option of refills.

Once there is sufficient regrowth, you will need to remove the gel polish and start fresh.

Naturally, an entirely new set is more costly than an acrylic refill, so the price difference can add up if you get your nails done regularly. 

If you also decide to have the nail technician remove the gel polish, you can expect another $10 to $20 per visit.

Like me, many prefer to remove gel polish at home.

If you decide to go down this route, be extra careful with your nail beds.

Tips for removing gel polish at home:

This handy video will show you the removal process if you prefer a visual.

How to save money on manicures?

With the average woman spending $1345 per year on nail care, those numbers can quickly add up over the years.

If you need to save money by leaving salon visits for special occasions, there are many DIY nail products for home if boxed fake nails don’t interest you. 

And no, that doesn’t mean you need to stick to regular polish and let go of your favorite long nails, french manicures, or trendy nail art.

With the help of online tutorials and easy-to-use products, you can have stunning nails from the comfort of your home.

You can follow Michellekhxy on YouTube or TikTok; she started doing her nails at home after unsatisfactory salon results.

The Beetles brand is highly recommended.

You can stick to the essentials, which are surprisingly affordable, or spend on some extras for your at-home set-up.


These are just some suggestions, but there are honestly a ton of different-size packages available on Amazon.

The nail tips kit above is great because you get 500 pieces of coffin-shaped nails, glue, and a mini lamp.

You will likely want a larger lamp for the final curing stage, and Beetles has some great kits, which include the lamp, polish sets, and more like this one.

Beetles starter kit with UV nail lamp and art design


Final thoughts on the price of nails

As we’ve seen, the price of nails is heavily influenced by a client’s final selections, from their choice of nails to add-ons.

If you opt for a basic manicure, you can expect to pay as little as $10 at a budget shop and up to $45 at luxury spas.

Want to change up the length of your nails? Acrylics are the way to go.

An average full set of acrylic nails will cost you $35 to $45.

But if you prefer to stick to gel nails, the base price is a touch higher, with the average price being $45 to $55.

While you can opt for fancy designs and jewels, get pricing before you start, as these little extras can quickly increase your bill.

And if you need to save some money, look into DIY nails; you may be pleasantly surprised by how many affordable options exist.

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