30 Dollars An Hour Is How Much A Year?

Women sitting at desk calculating 30 dollars an hour is how much per year

30 dollars an hour is how much a year?

Can you really afford to live as you’d like on this hourly wage?

How far will your money stretch with the rise of essentials such as food, gas, and housing?

You can better assess your budget once you review how 30 dollars an hour breaks down per year, month, biweekly, weekly, and even daily.

30 dollars an hour is how much a year? 

$30 an hour is $62,400 a year

Let’s take a look at how we reached a yearly salary of $62,400.

Assuming that you work 52 weeks out of the year and work a full-time job of 40 hours per week.

We multiply 40 hours a week by 52 weeks, giving us 2080 working hours.

Finally, we multiply the 2080 working hours by $30 an hour, giving us a gross annual salary of $62,400.

How to calculate your annual income without PTO

While we’ve determined that 30 dollars an hour will provide a gross salary of approximately $62,400, we must consider vacation pay.

Unfortunately, around 28 million Americans are still without paid vacation days or holidays.

If you are ineligible for PTO, you may still need time off to spend with the family, relax, and for many, use this time to attend to children.

How will unpaid vacation days affect your annual earnings?

Unpaid Time OffGross income (pre-tax)
51 work weeks (1-week unpaid)$61,200
50 work weeks (2 weeks unpaid)$60,000
49 work weeks (3 weeks unpaid)$58,800

How many days will you work in 2022?

When it comes to our income, accuracy is always the best policy. 

In 2022, we are looking at 250 working days.

We have 105 weekend days and 10 public holidays that fall on weekdays this year.

Going off the assumption that you are working all 250 weekdays in the year, at 8 hours per day, the breakdown is as follows:

Multiple 250 workdays by 8 hours per day, we get 2,000 working hours for 2022.

$30 an hour multiplied by 2,000 working hours amounts to $60,000 per year (before taxes)

How much is $30 an hour per month?

We calculate the total working hours (2000 hours) and divide it by 12 months to determine your monthly paycheck.

2,000 hours (an annual total) divided by 12 gives us 167 work hours per month.

Multiply $30 by 167 hours for a total monthly income of $5,010.

How much is $30 an hour biweekly?

Do you receive biweekly payroll checks?

In that case, you will typically receive 26 payments per year.

At $30 an hour, our total comes to $2,400 (gross income).

We multiplied $30 by 40 hours worked and 2 (weeks) to reach this value.

How much is $30 an hour week?

For a weekly analysis of your earnings, here is the calculation:

Take $30 an hour and multiply by 40; your total gross income is $1,200 per week.

How much is $30 an hour per day?

Using the hourly rate of $30 an hour and multiplying that by 8, you can earn a daily wage of $240 by pulling a routine 8-hour shift.

Comparison table for $30 an hour

$30 an hourGross income (pre-tax)
Year (52 weeks)$62,400
Yearly (250 workdays)$60,000
Monthly (160 hours average)$4,800
Biweekly (80 hours)$2,400
Weekly (40 hours)$1,200
Daily (8 hours)$240

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Sample budget for $30 per hour

We randomly chose Massachusetts as our state of residence, and using an income calculator, the estimated net monthly take-home pay is $3,971.*

* Takes Federal & State income taxes, Social Security, and Medicare into account.

We considered a family of four in our sample budget below.

Monthly Budget for $30 An Hour

ExpensesAmountPercentage (≈)
Rent/Mortgage (up to one-third of your income)$1310.4333%
Groceries $516.2313%
Utilities $256.136.45%
Car payments$256.136.45%
Car insurance$127.083.2%
Personal expenses$146.933.7%
Home or rental insurance$127.073.2%
Health insurance$325.628.2%
Entertainment $166.784.2%
Cellphone plan (Mint mobile has the best market value at $15/month for 4GB plans. You can opt for Tello’s basic 1GB $10 plan if you need to save cash$51.621.3%
Miscellaneous $79.422%

While our budget example allows for a monthly savings of $397.10 and $79.42 for miscellaneous needs, we realize that not all families have the same structure or needs.

Your particular family might include more members; perhaps your family has unique financial requirements or is saddled by medical or college debt.

Furthermore, the cost of living in your area may place additional burdens on your finances.

Cities such as Los Angeles, Boston, and Seattle have a cost of living of 46.8% to 56.1% above the U.S. average.

At the end of the day, it’s impossible to draft a sample budget that will work for everyone; there are just too many moving parts.

Use our sample budget as a guide to calculate the perfect balance for your household. 

Pie chart for a sample budget of 30 dollars an hour

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Budgeting on $30 an hour

So you’re earning $30 an hour, but what now?

Regardless of your hourly pay, learning to budget, save, and invest can help stretch your funds to their highest potential.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be scary, but it’s often avoided because we tend to dislike change and prefer the known.

But taking steps to improve your finances can start with something as small as using an app to track goals and manage your purchases.

Budgeting software

There are many different budgeting tools available on the market. 

These software programs are great for making a budget, tracking expenses, and staying on track. One of the most popular choices is YNAB. 

However, spending money to track your budget doesn’t really work for me, especially if you are just getting started on your savings journey.

A free alternative is Mint.

Mint is very similar to YNAB, except it’s free and even has some exclusive features.

The Mint app is available on both the Apple Store and Google Play. 

30 dollars an hour jobs

Deciding on a career path or need a career change?

You can earn up to 30 dollars an hour or more, depending on your job.

What type of job pays roughly thirty dollars an hour?

The careers in this category require various levels of education, from post-secondary non-degree awards to associate and bachelor’s degrees.

The specific hourly wage can vary depending on the state or region, but here are some career paths if your goal is $30 an hour.

JobHourly wageJob description
Multimedia artists and animators$28.27Develop graphics and special effects for animation, film, cartoons, video games, and more
Police officer$29.00Police officers execute measures that aim to maintain order and public safety
Respiratory therapists$29.72Treat individuals who suffer from breathing difficulties
Freelance writer$30.00Developing original content for clients
Blogger$30.00Online written content creation for specific niches (food, personal finance, travel, sports, gaming)
Purchasing agent$30.02Purchases necessary goods for a business at the best market rates
Loan officer$30.39Their job focuses on evaluating and authorizing real estate, commercial, and credit loan applications.
Surveyors$31.17Accurately measure points of reference to determine a property’s boundaries.
30 Dollars an Hour Sample Budget

Final thoughts

Thirty dollars an hour equals about $62,400 annually (on average).

A yearly income of over $60,000 is a significant sum of money, but it’s all relative to your goals and area of residence, among other factors.

You can always calculate your gross annual income by multiplying $30 an hour by how many hours you work per year.

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30 Dollars An Hour Is How Much A Year?