$50,000 A Year Is How Much An Hour? (Sample Budget)

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On the job hunt? Perhaps you are considering a new career field offering an average wage of $50k per year.

So $50000 a year is how much an hour?

That’s an important question when considering a potential yearly salary.

And we have the breakdown.

With a 50k annual salary, can you stay within your budget?

Or do you need to keep looking because your salary is not high enough for your lifestyle and family size?

Let’s see how much you will get in your hand from your $50,000 annual salary.

$50000 a year is how much an hour?

A $50,000 annual salary comes down to $24.03 per hour.

This calculation is based on individuals who work 40 hours per week (2080 annually) and 52 weeks per year.

Let’s look at how $50k entirely breaks down. 

  • $50,000 annual salary ÷ 2080 hours = $24.03 per hour
  • $24.03 per hour x 8 hours = $192.24 per day
  • $192.24 per day x 5 days = $961.20 per week

How much is $50000 a year per month? 

Do you get paid monthly? While monthly payments are not very common, they do exist.

Some more popular payment types are semi-monthly and biweekly.

If someone gets paid semi-monthly, this amounts to 24 paychecks within 12 months.

On the other hand, some individuals get paid biweekly, which comes out to 26 paychecks per year.

  • $50,000 ÷ 12 months = $4166.66 per month
  • $50,000 ÷ 24 paychecks = $2083.33 semi-monthly per paycheck
  • $50,000 ÷ 26 paychecks = $1923.07 biweekly per paycheck

But we cannot forget paid time off (PTO).

Many Americans in the private sector are lucky enough to get two weeks off after a year of service and even more with additional years of service.

Hourly wage based on PTO examples:

  • With one week of paid time off (PTO) per year, your hourly rate would be $24.50 per hour.
  • With two weeks of paid time off (PTO) per year, your hourly rate is $25 per hour.
  • With three weeks of paid time off (PTO) per year, your hourly wage is $25.51
  • With four weeks of paid time off (PTO) per year, your hourly rate is $26.04.

You will often see people working a 37.5 hour work week and 50 weeks per year.

In that case, $50,000 breaks down to $26.66 per hour. 

In this article, all references to biweekly refer to a period of every two weeks and not twice a week. 

$50,000 a year is how much after taxes?

Your final take-home pay is subject to both federal and state taxes, plus some additional deductions such as Social Security and Medicare. 

Now there are a few states which do not collect income tax. The income-tax-free states are;

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • New Hampshire
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Washington
  • Wyoming

However, if you are from New Hampshire, they still collect taxes on investment income such as dividends or interest.

Taxes and deductions make the difference between your official salary and how much you end up taking home. 

If you are lucky enough to live in a state which doesn’t have income tax and its cost of living is low, you are in a better position to stretch your 50k annual salary. 

Let’s review the state-by-state income taxes and the estimated take-home pay. 

StateIncome Tax $Total Tax %Net Pay
Alabama$10,19020.4% $39,810
Alaska$8,33816.7% $41,662
Arizona$9,47018.9% $40,530
Arkansas$10,16920.3% $39,831
California$10,41720.8% $39,583
Colorado$10,21320.4% $39,787
Connecticut$11,86523.7% $38,135
Delaware$10,32820.7% $39,672
Florida$8,12016.2% $41,880
Georgia$10,55821.1% $39,442
Hawaii$11,74223.5% $38,258
Idaho$10,45420.9% $39,546
Illinois$10,59521.2% $39,405
Indiana$9,73519.5% $40,265
Iowa$10,25320.5% $39,747
Kansas$10,34220.7% $39,658
Kentucky$10,48621.0% $39,515
Louisiana$9,84519.7% $40,155
Maine$10,62721.3% $39,373
Maryland$10,38320.8% $39,617
Massachusetts $10,70921.4% $39,291
Michigan$10,24520.5% $39,755
Minnesota$10,86521.7% $39,135
Mississippi$10,23520.5% $39,765
Missouri$9,95519.9% $40,045
Montana$10,69821.4% $39,302
Nebraska$10,53421.1% $39,466
Nevada$8,12016.2% $41,880
New Hampshire$8,12016.2% $41,880
New Jersey$9,54919.1% $40,451
New Mexico$9,99120.0% $40,009
New York$10,71421.4% $39,286
North Carolina$10,22020.4% $39,780
North Dakota$8,63117.3% $41,369
Ohio$9,41018.8% $40,590
Oklahoma$10,11420.2% $39,886
Oregon$11,73023.5% $38,270
Pennslyvania$9,68519.4% $40,315
Rhode Island$10,64521.3% $39,355
South Carolina$11,15722.3% $38,843
South Dakota$8,12016.2% $41,880
Tennessee$8,12016.2% $41,880
Texas$8,12016.2% $41,800
Utah$10,59521.2% $39,405
Vermont$9,88019.8% $40,120
Virginia$10,47921.0% $39,521
Washington$8,24716.5% $41,753
Washington DC$10,97021.9% $39,030
West Virginia$10,29520.6% $39,705
Wisconsin$10,86321.7% $39,137
Wyoming$8,12016.2% $41,880
Net pay calculations based on Federal & State taxes, Social Security and Medicare.

According to this information, for a $50,000 yearly salary, the net income ranges between $38,135 and $41,880 per year.

  • Weekly paycheck = $733.36 to $805.38
  • Semi-monthly paycheck = $1588.95 to $1745
  • Biweekly paycheck = $1466.73 to $1610.76
  • Monthly paycheck = $3177.91 to $3490

The variations in state taxes can represent a significant difference in the monthly take-home pay.

The difference in income can be as high as $312.09 per month, which could cover a nice chunk of someone’s housing costs.

Is $50,000 a good salary?

Yes, $50,000 a year is a good salary.

While some will always disagree regardless of the salary under discussion, many Americans live comfortably on less than 50k.

In fact, according to the balance, the median income for individuals in 2019 was $35,977.

But it’s always important to look past the initial numbers and dig a little deeper.

While $50,000 a year is still above the median income for an individual household, is it sufficient for a family if you are the sole income provider?

Your hometown’s cost of living is such a personal aspect that it needs to be considered individually.

Consider the state taxes, housing in your area, the size of your family, and specific household needs before deciding whether $50k per year can work for your home.

How to live on $50,000 per year salary

The median income for individuals is close to $36,000 per year.

As such, many people can manage to live comfortably on $50,000 per year, even with families.

The best way of figuring out how to make your 50k salary work for you is by creating a budget.

  • Draft a sensible budget: Include financial goals, lifestyle preferences, and debt expenses.
  • Pay yourself: Make saving money a priority versus an afterthought.

    We often end up with an empty bank account by the end of the month without realizing how.

    But by putting a percentage of your paycheck immediately aside, the task is accomplished.
  • Cut costs: There are many different ways to save money; choose the saving tips that work best for you. 

Monthly Budget for $50,000 salary

With sound budgeting, a $50,000 per year salary can not only be manageable but quite comfortable.

Here is how to budget for a one-person household if they make monthly $3250 a month (after taxes).

This sample budget can easily be adjusted to fit your take-home pay and priorities.

  • Savings = $325 (a minimum of 10% is recommended)
  • Car payment = $200
  • Car insurance = $150
  • Cellphone = $20, you can’t beat the deals at mintbobile
  • Debt repayment = $200
  • Entertainment = $100
  • Gas = $100
  • Groceries = $150
  • Health Insurance = $200
  • Home insurance = $140
  • Internet = $50
  • Miscellaneous = $100
  • Personal expenses = $100
  • Rent or Mortgage = Up to $1090 (not going above 1/3 of your monthly wages)
  • Utilities = $200

Total of $2725 with $125 leftover.

Naturally, you may bring home a little less or more depending on your state’s taxes and deductions.

But you can adjust the budget to meet your individual circumstances, needs, and personal goals.

$50k a year is how much an hour – Final Thoughts

$50,000 per year can be considered a good salary, especially for a single-person household.

As the cost of living can vary greatly from state and city, it is essential to make a realistic budget considering your family’s expenses when reviewing a 50k a year job offer.

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