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sesame crusted feta salad

Sesame Crusted Feta: A Delicious Mykonos Salad

Clara @ Blue World Dreams
This sesame crusted feta salad, is the perfect fresh, light yet filling summer salad. Brusting with vibrant flavors, this Greek salad with feta is sure to please.
Prep Time 25 mins
Cook Time 25 mins
Course Brunch, Dinner, Lunch, Salad, Side Dish
Cuisine Greek
Servings 4 people


  • Stove


  • 16 oz Greek feta cheese 1 lb
  • 1 large Egg
  • 1/3 cup All-purpose flour 50g
  • 3/4 cup Panko bread crumbs 35 grams
  • 1/4 cup White sesame seeds 30 grams
  • 1/4 cup Black sesame seeds 30 grams
  • 1/2 cup Greek olive oil 120 mL
  • 7 oz Salad spring mix 200 grams
  • 4 oz Red onion 120 grams
  • 17 oz Watermelon 480 grams
  • 12 large Mint leaves
  • 1/4 tsp Fresh ground pepper 1.5 grams

Blood Orange Dressing

  • 2 entire Blood oranges (ripe)
  • 1 tbsp Greek olive oil 15 mL
  • 1/4 tsp Salt 1.5 grams


  • Start by rinsing and drying your feta block. I like to use a couple of paper towels or a clean dishtowel.
  • Prep 3-small bowls in a row, the first containing all-purpose flour, the second a whisked egg (until smooth), and the third, panko breadcrumb/sesame mix.
  • Cut the now dry feta block into 8 even squares (roughly 1-inch x 1-inch squares).
  • Heat the olive oil in a skillet on medium-high heat until it reaches 350°F.
  • Fully coat your feta squares first in the flour (shake off any excess), then coat in the egg and finally into the panko sesame mixture.Add the feta squares to the skillet. Fry each side for 2-3 minutes until you get a nice light-medium golden sear.
  • Transfer the sesame crusted feta squares onto a paper towel to absorb any excess oil.

Blood Orange Dressing

  • Whisk together the juice from the blood oranges with the olive oil and salt.

Mykonos Salad Preparation

  • Cut your watermelon into small bite-size cubes
  • Slice your cherry tomatoes in half
  • Thinly slice or chop up your mint leaves
  • Thinly slice your red onion
  • In a large salad bowl, combine your spring salad mix, fresh watermelon cubes, cherry tomatoes, sliced red onion, shredded mint, and freshly ground pepper.
  • Drizzle on the dressing and toss gently, topping the salad with your fried sesame crusted feta squares.


Vegan Alternative: Use Violife vegan feta cheese.
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